My employees are the best ambassadors of my company.

Every company owner would like to be able to say so.
But when do we become company ambassadors?

What is the role of trust to managers and the organization?
Does one have to agree with the company’s values entirely?
What motivates us to tell others about the company we work for?
What builds the feeling of ownership among employees?
I have been asking myself these questions for years. I run a company
and I want my associates to be the showcase of AUDE.
The size of a company does not matter, whether we have
one employee or thousands of them.
Only when we make them the ambassadors of our brand
do we get a chance to succeed in a spectacular way.
This is why I decided to write this book.
My interviews with people who deal with communication
clearly show how simple and simultaneously how complex
the question of building employee’s engagement is.
I hope we were able to present it from various angles:
from strategic to operative perspectives, and that not only
I but also my customers will be able to find the best method
to turn employees into company ambassadors.
I wish to thank my interviewees for devoting their time and sharing their experience.


Why is it worth reading

This is not a thick volume, rather a small 150-page book.
We wanted it to be not only wise but also good-looking.

Theory is one thing, life is a different matter.
In this book I talk to practitioners, who have made mistakes and
have drawn conclusions.
If you are looking for ideas, proven practices for
turning employees into company ambassadors,
these interviews are a must-read.
This is not a coursebook.
It is a small book you can read as a whole, in pieces,
or shuffle through the images and quotes.

What's inside

11 interviews and 4 funny stories.
Short quotes from the interviews will encourage you to read the entire book.

Organizational energy

prof dr Clemens Koob

When companies don’t speak
with an integrated, consistent
voice to the external and
internal stakeholders,
this is a big problem.

Heart & faith

dr hab. Jacek Wasilewski

When employees feel they’re
under control even though the
company advertises itself as an
open organization, then the
boss becomes an enemy.

Start with internal

Joe Pulizzi

Often we work so hard at our
awareness building activities
that we forget our biggest
marketing asset is right in front
of us. What if our employees
truly evangelized our brand?

Being a good

Magdalena Brzezińska

I’ve seen that when leaders do
exactly what they promise
acting as an example, it really
works. And that’s the most
motivating element I’ve

Portrait of a company ambassador

Agnieszka Brania

Respect, honesty and trust
– you need to develop an
information culture within the
company which allows you to
say everything or nearly

Good idea

Magdalena Bugajło

People often think that
corporate values are something
abstract. I know from my own
experience this isn’t true.

It takes only a
few moments

Ana Verčko Grilec

For me, promoting Goodyear
comes naturally, out of the
simple reason that I love
our company and what it
stands for.

You need
to believe

Anna Kulawik

If an employee does not
identify with what the
company does, he or she
cannot be its ambassador.

You are being

Monika Chajdacka

Every decision you make
communicates something to

Relations, courage
& a smile

Monika Sońta

Engagement is the result of
lifestyle. If there is no adjustment
between the lifestyle and the
workstyle, we can’t build a
strategy bonding the employee
with the company.

Between a rock &
a hard place

Henryk Puszcz

The communication
department will not come up
with the content, that’s the
management board’s job,
nor will it convince the board
with its questions to take a
closer look at it.

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I like to know what others think about a product I intend to buy. Before the book was printed I asked several people to read it in the pdf
and review it. If you would like to review the book, you are very welcome to do so.

Waldemar Leszczyński

This collection of interviews about the meanders of internal communication is a good
read. Why? “Communication is not about words. It's about culture.” Isn't it worth
reading a book where you can find many such thoughts that really hit the mark?
Diversified, competent interviewees plus the author of questions who knows this area
of marketing inside out guarantee an inarguably useful read.

Katarzyna Sowicka

How do you make people you work with and support with your knowledge and
experience –
and also learn from them - simply like the company they work for? Is this the
first and obligatory step to make them company ambassadors - or maybe it's enough to
motivate them with your own attitude?

This is only one of the many inquisitive questions Urszula Radzińska asked her 11 guests.
The choice wasn't a coincidence. Being the head of Aude content marketing agency for many
years, she knows from her own experience how important communication coordinated with
goals is for each company. As the founder and president of the Content Marketing Polska
Association and member of the International Content Marketing Forum, she has a great
occasion to watch good practices of European and American companies and organizations.
This provides Urszula with a wide perspective for a deep analysis, and the readers with an

Do you get a ready-made method of turning an employee into a company ambassador?
Absolutely not! Those who hope to find ready-made solutions will be disappointed, as this is
not the goal of the book. It's not a guidebook, even less a beginner's book. It is an invitation
for a deeper analysis, inspiration to look closer at your organization and to make an
individual attempt to define the role of employees anew. Since unbiased perspective is more
and more in deficit with so many duties around, it is definitely worth reading.

P.S. What would content be without design, particularly in conent marketing!?
The extraordinary design and funny images (it's good to let go once in a while)
were created by Marcin Rutkowski.

Nenad Senić

Most companies talk about employees’ commitment. What do they actually mean,
asks the author of Your First Customer book, Urszula Radzinska. One of her
interviewees, Jacek Wasilewski answers that they often don’t know. How true
that is no matter the location. Thus, I’d really like to recommend this collection
of short yet really useful interviews on content marketing and internal/employee
communication. Brands for the most part spend way too much effort, time and
money on communicating with their clients, buyers… But most of them make a
mistake not putting as much effort to their best potential brand ambassadors,
their employees. This is not a philosophy, it should be a reality. Start with this book!

About the author

Urszula is the president of Aude and an undisputed authority in content marketing.
As an expert she develops communication strategies for the large corporations and
creates content solutions for business support. She is the founder and president of
Content Marketing Polska, member of the International Content Marketing Forum.
She believes her path from Aude as a one-person company, when as a journalist she
was creating a magazine for the employees of Unilever, to being the owner of a valued
and creative content marketing agency was helped by her education, which is not
typical for the sector. In addition to journalism at the University of Warsaw she also
studied musicology. She plays the piano and violin. This helps her in being a perfect
organizer and a strategic thinker.


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